• Montreal Shop Grand Opening

  • Denver Perfume Workshop at Ritualcravt - The Art and Magic of Natural Perfumery

    The Art and Magic of Natural Perfumery In this natural perfumery workshop, participants will learn the craft of blending raw botanical materials and the framework for building a perfume with natural perfumers April Lea of Lvnea Perfume and Janine Hagal of Black Earth Botanica. With a focus on 30... View Post
  • Lustful Love Tea Recipe

      Lustful Love Tea→ rose petals - 2 parts  → jasmine - 2 parts  → holy basil (tulsi) - 2 parts  → ashwagandha - 1 parts  → vanilla - 1 part (chopped beans or vanilla bean powder) → cacao nibs - 2 parts  → cinnamon - 2 parts (sticks or pieces)  Mix 2 parts each of rose petals, jasmine, holy b... View Post