The Art and Magic of Natural Perfumery in Philadelphia

The Art and Magic of Natural Perfumery Workshop in Philadelphia at Bloodmilk's Sphinx and Snakeskin on December 14, 2019. 

In this natural perfumery workshop, participants will learn the craft of blending raw botanical materials and the framework for building a perfume with natural perfumers April Lea of Lvnea Perfume and Janine Hagal of Black Earth Botanica. With a focus on roughly 28 natural raw ingredients, students will explore fragrance families and construction as well as the science, lore, and magic of scent. This class is for all levels. The first half of the class will focus on smelling and learning about the raw materials and the second half will consist of a guided blending of the materials. Each student will leave with a basic understanding of perfume blending and construction as well as a unique vial of their own perfume creation.

Limited space is available! 

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