• Cabinet of Scents

    Coming soon... Explore our cabinet of rare and raw materials- pure essential oils and essential oil blends, absolutes, and handmade aromatic tinctures for use in perfumery, ritual, aromatherapy, and scent exploration. Most materials have the option of coming pure/undiluted or in a 10-20% dilutio... View Post
  • Cinnamon Cleanse / Smelling our way into the new year.

    Burn cinnamon for protection, purification, and cleansing. Light the tip of a cinnamon stick and allow the flame to burn for a minute before blowing out. Cleanse your desired space with the smouldering stick as one would use a traditional sage wand. View Post
  • Open Studio // Holiday Shopping

    Open Studio shopping hours: December 20, Thursday 12-7pm December 21, Friday 12-6pm 6545 Ave Durocher, Studio 301 View Post