• POPLAR BUD | MYRRH | CASSIA - Botanical Body Serum

POPLAR BUD | MYRRH | CASSIA - Botanical Body Serum

An aromatic body serum with rich, nourishing and moisturizing botanical oils. 

Safflower, tamanu, and moringa oils are infused with resinous poplar buds and sweet cassia bark. The infusion of cassia bark in oil - rather than using the essential oil - is an ancient practice that makes this decadent oil skin safe and not overly scented with cinnamon. The sweet and spicy undertones blend perfectly with the resinous poplar buds, rich myrrh and labdanum, and a hint of lotus flower. 

Featured notes: poplar buds and sweet resins with a slightly spicy undertone. 

The Ritual: Pump a small amount of the oil into hand and increase as needed. Apply to anywhere that needs extra moisture and the healing power of these precious plant oils. You may even apply a small amount to the ends of hair. 

Ingredients: safflower, tamanu, and moringa oils infused with poplar buds and cassia bark, myrrh essential oil, cistus labdanum absolute, calendula extract, and blue lotus flower absolute. 

Comes in a beautiful amethyst black glass bottle with a black pump. 

100ml / 3.4oz bottle 



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