• L'ORCHIDÉE - Limited Edition Eau de Parfum

L'ORCHIDÉE - Limited Edition Eau de Parfum

This perfume is limited edition and was released as part of our Aphrodite's Garden of Aromatic Delights Amatory Box.

Orchid, a flower of Venus, is one of the most evocative of flowers and has been used in sexual and fertility rituals by cultures around the world. According to legend the flower is a favoured food of satyrs possibly because the name comes from the Ancient Greek (órkhis), literally meaning “testicle“, named after the shape of its root, although the plant contains a balance of both masculine and feminine energies. During the Roman period orchid roots were eaten as an aphrodisiac and in the 18th century it was also fashionable to eat orchids. The petals were added to sandwiches and the dried powdered roots to soups and stews. Vanilla even comes from a species of orchid. 

L'Orchidée is a fantasy scent based on the elusive fragrance of orchids which can range in scent from citrusy vanilla to spicy cinnamon and seductive jasmine. Unfortunately there is no true orchid essential oil or absolute unless taking vanilla absolute into consideration. 

Top Notes: mimosa, lemon, vanillin
Middle Notes: white orchid accord with jasmine and linden blossom, cinnamon
Base Notes: benzoin, vanilla absolute, orris root 

Presented in a 5ml clear glass bottle with atomizer.