• A rich, botanical lip butter made by LVNEA and housed in a black 5g glass pot. The label reads "LUNE D'ÉPINETTE" on it in silver. The product is natural smells lightly of cardamom, spruce, and vanilla.
  • Several black glass pots of a creamy all natural lip butter by LVNEA. The lip butter is white in the pot but applies sheer and protects the lips during the cold months.
  • Black glass pots of a botanical lip butter by LVNEA placed against a linen backdrop. Some of the 5g pots are housed in black organza bags.

LUNE D'ÉPINETTE | Seasonal Lip Butter

A luxurious, rich, and nourishing lip butter with notes of spruce, creamy vanilla, and warming cardamom.

Applies completely sheer, with a light natural fragrance. Formulated to be extra nourishing throughout the colder months. Can also be used as a cuticle cream!

Ingredients: avocado oil, organic hemp seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter, mango seed butter, candelilla (vegetable) wax, castor oil, vitamin e, rosemary extract, an essential oil blend, and stevia extract. 

Comes in a black amethyst glass pot in a sheer black organza drawstring bag. 



  • $16.00

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