• YULETIDE FOREST GIFT BOX | Perfume, Candle, and Bath Salt Offering
  • YULETIDE FOREST GIFT BOX | Perfume, Candle, and Bath Salt Offering

YULETIDE FOREST GIFT BOX | Perfume, Candle, and Bath Salt Offering

A forest lover's delight! Three of our signature best-selling products inspired by the ancient forests of the north, all bundled together with care for thoughtful and convenient gift-giving. 

With a touch of resinous warmth amongst its fresh, green, and grounding aromas, this luxurious handmade care package is sure to transport its recipient to the heart of the woods in an instant. Perfect for anyone looking for gentle restoration this Holiday season. 



FOREST BATHING Ritual Bath Salts (16oz)
A natural exfoliant, the french green clay featured in this bath soak will leave skin feeling cleansed, toned, and supple, while its coniferous essential oil blend works to promote mental and physical well-being by mimicking stress-relieving compounds released by the ancient trees of our boreal forests.

Featured notes: silver fir · vetiver · black spruce · pine

Add a handful or two to the bath as-is, or in addition to Epsom salts for heightened relaxation. 

LA FORÊT DORMANTE Essential Oil Candle (8oz)
The damp, velvety slumber of the forest before dawn, when everything, static and calm, glows softly with the sheen of dew and the promise of a new day. La Forêt Dormante is a rich, balsamic conifer candle to bring peaceful stillness and warmth to hearth and home all through the Holiday season.

Featured notes: fir balsam · silver fir · frankincense · cardamom · juniper berry · cedarwood

Our hand-poured, naturally scented soy-wax candles come in an amethyst glass jar with a cotton wick and burn for approximately 50 hours.

GHOST PINE Parfum Botanique (10ml)
Our signature unisex oil-based fragrance, Ghost Pine is a soft, somber walk through the woods at dusk with notes of verdant foliage, fog, and plush thickets of moss scattered across the forest floor. 

Featured notes: crisp pine needles · crushed foliage · damp moss patches · ancient woods · fog


These Holiday gift boxes are limited in number. All products are hand-made, hand-filled, and carefully gift-wrapped and wreathed in black crinkle paper before being placed in a black matte gift box topped with a satin bow. 


  • $125.00