• "Bring the Light In" SAD Elixir | BLUEBERRYJAMS

"Bring the Light In" SAD Elixir | BLUEBERRYJAMS


Ingredients: st john's wort, lemon balm, motherwort, hyssop, tinctures + st john's wort & calendula infused wildflower honey

Blended for: Seasonal Affective Disorder, to capture some of the essence of summer, for mood & antiviral support (cold sores)

Suggested use: add to teas, juice, bubbly water, put a dropperful in a bit of water, etc. Elxirs are pretty sweet.

Take 1/2 dropper to 1 dropper everyday for SAD support or a few times throughout the day when feeling more increased difficult periods and/or a bit under the weather (beginning of cold & flu symptoms).

Inspiration for the name of this elixir comes from a workshop given by Jade Alicandro Mace of Milk & Honey Herbs whose work I really enjoy.

When using new herbs, verify that they are not contraindicated with any existing medical issue/medications you are taking. Start with small doses and listen to your body. The information found here is intended for educational purposes. It is not meant to replace advice from your healthcare practitioners.
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