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MOURNING RITUAL | Parfum Botanique - black velvet, incense, wilted rose, resins

Brook of love, the wave of waiting
Les sèches lèvres de roses fades
Suffer loss, hands slow, prostrating
À l’amour qui nous évade.

Featured Notes: frankincense oman, Russian apothecary roses, opoponax resin absolute, cedarwood extract.

Aspects: balsamic, resinous, warm, slightly spicy, powdery.

The Ritual: roll a small amount onto pulse points and allow to air dry.

Ingredients:  fractionated coconut oil, an essential oil blend, natural plant extracts.

Choose between a beautiful black amethyst glass bottle with a glass roller ball in a matte black tube (10ml) or matte black gift box (20ml). 


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