BABYLON ROSE | Eau de Parfum - Rose, Oud, Saffron, Rain

Babylon Rose pays homage to the Ancient City's bloom and the biblical rains which allowed for rampant flora to burst forth in an otherwise arid climate. 

Babylonia — the gate of God, the land between two rivers. It's said that, once a year, rain and melting snow from nearby mountains would cause the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to overflow, flooding the region's canals and spilling over into the soil. These downpours gifted the inhabitants of Babylon with abundant crops of lush greenery and fragrant botanicals, such as the rose. In a display of wealth and generosity, the city would encourage citizens of all classes to douse themselves in fragrance — a luxury normally only afforded to the wealthy.

Comprised of pure rose absolute and rose essential oils, Omani Frankincense, an attar of oud, ancient spices of saffron, black pepper, and clove, and a botanically composed rain accord

Featured notes: 
rose · frankincense · oud · saffron · spice · rain accord

Aspects: deep, warm, vibrant, rich and rosy with spicy and animalic nuances. 

Ingredients: pure alcohol, botanical extracts, natural isolates and an essential oil blend

This Limited Edition fragrance is presented in a 30 ml black glass bottle or 8 ml clear glass bottle with spray top. 


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