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Summer Solstice Limited Edition Seasonal Box


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A special limited edition summer box filled with seasonal offerings and invigorating scents to celebrate the Summer Solstice -- the longest day of the year, the height of summer. The sun is at the peak of its life-giving power and the earth is in full bloom; we take the time to celebrate what is bountiful before the nights start to lengthen.




Rose-Marie Cologne Mist - Wild Rose and Rosemary

A traditional cologne mist adapted from a recipe for Queen of Hungary Water, one of the first alcohol-based perfumes dating to the 1300s.  Deeply herbaceous yet soft.  Made with a wild beach rose tincture from handpicked roses with additional notes of rosemary absolute, thyme, lavender, frankincense, violet and tomato leaves, and moss.  Wears beautifully as a hair perfume.  Presented in a 30 ml clear glass spray bottle with a hand-pressed wax seal logo.  


Oiselets de Chypre - Scented Cyprus Birds Incense.

Perfumed pastes made of highly fragrant plant resins, powders, and floral water, much like a pomander but shaped like petite birds.  First appearing in the 1520s, these birds were placed around royal houses and hung from palace ceilings as a potpourri or burnt as incense.  Patchouli leaf, myrrh, labdanum resin, cypress, oakmoss, storax, and rose petals were powdered and combined with sandalwood water to form a paste that was hand-formed.  Each box contains five-six incense birds on a nest of Spanish moss. 


Lion d'Or - Huile de Soleil 

Fresh dandelion-infused olive oil with healing calendula, apricot kernel, meadowfoam seed, and carrot seed oils, helichrysum, patchouli, and saffron. A rich and nourishing oil for sun-drenched skin.  Highly moisturizing and healing for after sun care -- not to be used as a sunscreen.  Presented in a 15 ml black amethyst bottle with a pump.


Rose and Lilac Liqueur 

Hand-picked wild roses and lilacs infused in a mixture of white rum and vodka and diluted with pure organic rosewater.  Beautifully floral and mildly sweet tasting.  Perfect as an addition to water, sparkling water, and cocktails or enjoy a few drops straight from the bottle.  Presented in a 2 oz clear glass bottle.


Jasmine and Moss Attar - Parfum Extrait 

Rare and exotic botanical oils blended to form a unique, complex, and beautiful natural perfume with many facets.  Notes of jasmine, oakmoss, sandalwood, and ruh-khus.  Pure plant extractions in jojoba oil. Presented in a clear glass 5 ml bottle. 



Natural - Botanical - Hand Made - Free of Synthetics


50% of proceeds from the summer solstice boxes will be donated to 

RAICES Family Reunification and Bond Fund: FREE our Families



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