• Feu Follet // Eau de Parfum // SAMPLE

Feu Follet // Eau de Parfum // SAMPLE

Feu Follet - Eau de Parfum 

Our boldest and smokiest scent yet with pine tar, burnt wood, and leather on a base of fir balsam resin, spruce resin and bark, and amber. 

Similar to that of the will-o'-the-wisp, the French 'Feu Follet' folktale tells of the apparition of a small, ghostly light or luminous flame which would reportedly haunt forests, swamps, and graveyards in order to lure wandering travelers to their untimely demise.  Thought to be a manifestation of spirits either lost, condemned or malevolent, this phenomenon has been documented throughout history and has contributed to innumerable legends across the world.

Featured Notes: smoke, wood, leather, tree resin and bark. 

Aspects: warm, bold, smokey, woody, balsamic, leathery, amber.  

Ingredients: pure alcohol, fir balsam hydrosol, essential oils and plant extracts. 


New extra large 2 ml sample in a clear glass vial.

Pure plant perfume / handmade in small batches / 100% authentic botanical essences 


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