HOLY OAK | Eau de Parfum - oakwood, galbanum, cedarwood, oakmoss

The gloaming threatens o'er the rain-soaked chapel, frankincense wafting from the towers into the wet arboreous surroundings, awakening the wild rose and the stillest of hearts.

Holy Oak evokes the feeling of an ancient rain-soaked forest, with notes of wet bark, earth, and leaves. Subtle wafts of the nearby wild roses growing amongst the moss-covered oak trees, and a faint scent of burning frankincense.

Featured notes: 
galbanum · blood cedar · pine resin · frankincense · rose · oakwood · oakmoss

Aspects: woody, well-rounded, familiar, contrasting cool & damp notes and warm & undertones, a hint gourmand

Ingredients: pure alcohol, botanical extracts, and an essential oil blend

Presented in a 30 ml black glass bottle with a spray top or 8 ml clear glass bottle with spray top. 


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