• LVNEA - Bespoke Perfume - Natural Botanical Perfume - Eau de Parfum - Custom Fragrance
  • LVNEA - Bespoke Perfume - Natural Botanical Perfume - Eau de Parfum - Custom Fragrance

Bespoke Perfume

A custom-made bespoke perfume just for you or someone special based on your specifications and notes chosen from the list below. 

Choose between a 20 ml oil-based perfume in a black glass bottle with a roller top OR a 30ml alcohol based perfume in a clear bottle with a spray top. The bottle is housed in a beautiful matte black gift box. The bottle and box may be personalized with your custom perfume name of choice. 

Check out our library of all natural scents to see the possibilities available: 

Top notes (choose three): apple, lemon, lime, bergamot, black pepper, blood cedarwood, blood orange, fir needle, galbanum (green incense note), ginger, hinoki, juniper berry, lavender essential oil, mimosa, petitgrain, pink grapefruit, pink pepper, rosewood, saffron, tarragon, wormwood, vanillin, yuzu.

Middle (choose three): allspice, clary sage, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, cocoa, coffee, cypress, geranium, jasmine, lavender absolute (jammy and without the camphorous notes) orange flower, osmanthus, peach, pink lotus, magnolia, neroli, raspberry, rose, tuberose, violet leaf, ylang ylang. 

Base (choose three): agarwood (oud), alpha ionone (violet flower note), ambrette, benzoin, cepes (intense agrestic mushroom note), choya nahk (burnt seashells), coumarin, fir absolute, frankincense, hay, labdanum (amber scent), oakmoss, oakwood, orris root (iris), opoponax (sweet myrrh), myrrh, patchouli, pine tar (smoke note), peru balsam, sandalwood, tobacco, tonka bean, vetiver, clean botanical musk accord, dark botanical musk accord. 

I advise you to choose 9 notes from the list above (3 top, 3 middle, and 3 base) and state them in the 'notes to seller' section at checkout. Furthermore please choose the top two of those notes that are the most important to you and that you would really like to be prevalent in the blend. You may also email with your order number and a more general idea and inspiration behind your perfume. We may send some follow up questions to really understand the concept and expectation of your unique blend. 

Once your unique perfume is created you will receive a small sample of the perfume to evaluate on your skin. You will be allowed to suggest one revision to the perfume blend before the full size perfume is created and mailed to you. 

Please know that we do not replicate already existing perfumes. Due to my unique style of working I would never attempt to replicate someone else's work nor do I assume I would be able to do so successfully. We also only work will all natural ingredients and these raw materials will never behave the same way as aroma chemicals - and we love them for that! 

Due to the nature of our products we can not accept returns and do not issue refunds for custom products or the labor put into creating them.

**This process can take up to 10 weeks from start to finish (before the final perfume is shipped) depending on the number of orders in queue and general business of the shop.**

This listing is also for making a personal fragrance (we will keep your formula on hand incase you wish to refill your perfume at any time). This listing is not for black label or private label blending for businesses. If you have any questions feel free to reach out at 

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