BLACK LILAC ENFLEURAGE | Limited-Edition Solid Perfume

An artisanal, hand-picked lilac blossom enfleurage from Spring 2022 grounded with rare floral extracts and a light musky base accord of sandalwood and oud.

Since lilacs are one of Springtime's first blooming flowers, they are said to hold the energy to push through darker times. Lilacs have long been associated with vanishing negative energies and spirits, perhaps because of their potent and uplifting fragrance. If you are seeking some breakthrough in your life, or the strength to persevere through hardship and to blossom throughout, connecting with the flower may help you.

The scent of spring flowers is difficult to capture in natural perfumery because of their short blooming time and the delicate nature of their petals. Most flowers are too delicate to distill, so traditional antique methods such as enfleurage were once employed to extract the aroma of these delicate blossoms. Nowadays, this slow, laborious process is rarely used except by few dedicated small-batch natural perfumers who will usually also grow or forage their own flowers, as a lot of fresh blossoms are needed to make a viable perfume. 

The challenges of capturing the lilac scent make it all the more appealing and the result that much more beautiful. Fresh lilac blossoms were carefully arranged on the layer of oil and wax and were replenished every two days for a couple of weeks until a noticeable scent was present. The resulting pomade was then enhanced with a sultry jasmine and other floral extracts as well as a base accord made from an attar of sandalwood and oud. The opening notes of true lilac are ephemeral and may not last as long as other, more potent perfumes, but it's the evanescent quality of these springtime gifts that make them so precious.

Aspects: bright · floral · indolic · creamy with a woody dry-down 

 lilac-infused refined coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax, an essential oil blend including jasmine, lily, benzoin, attar of oud, agarwood, and more.

5 g in a black glass jar with lid.

This fragrance is comprised of local, seasonally grown blooms which were handpicked and transformed to offer you this limited-edition offering. Subtle variations from previous editions may occur, as no two seasons' flowers' scents are ever the same, making this a truly one of the kind fragrance.