• Black glass bottle of LVNEA's limited edition Jardin de Sorcière eau de parfum nestled in dirt, surrounded by tomatoes, fresh herbs, and greenery.

JARDIN DE SORCIÈRE Eau de Parfum ◦ Mugwort, Tomato Leaf, Tobacco, Tuberose

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❝Witch's Garden ❞
Tomatoes, fresh off the vine; a family legacy held in the palm of a hand, taut flesh reflecting the sun. Petals, some dropped like bells, others pert and grazing the skyline. Fiddleheads, unfurling with dew. Grass swaying even as the breeze stills, for there are small critters in the bush, and subterranean crawlers rising from the moisture pooling at gnarled roots. Leaves, some serrated like a dagger’s glint beneath the moon, others silver crescents lining thick swaths of deepest earth green. The artemisias, the nightshades, the banes; lore and legend seeded wildly amongst anodyne brethren.

This fragrance is potent plant magic, grown under the high noon sun and gathered beneath the moonlight. An inebriating verdant reinterpretation of the original luminary, Jardin de Sorcière Eau de Parfum distinguishes itself from its waxen namesake through its awe-inspiring vibrancy, replacing the flicker of flame with the diffusive oscillations of wild greenery casting spells on the warming winds.

Built around a veritable pantheon of Botanical Spirits, the unique voices that form this choir of beneficia swell and fall, each in their own time before harmonizing in a chorus of viridian illumination. Follow the whispers, hums, and cries to resistance, down the arcane path of herbcraft and into The Witch's Garden.

bergamot・galbanum・mugwort・tomato leaf・patchouli・tobacco・tuberose・sandalwood・oakmoss・myrrh

IMPRESSIONS: vibrant・herbaceous・green・earthy・aromatic・agrestic・mossy・ alive; a bewitching garden bouquet plucked at the peak of its effervescence and left to cure slowly on the warm air before being returned to the earth, spreading seed to start the cycle anew. 

Ingredients: Alcohol (Cane Sugar, Organic), Natural Fragrance/Parfum* (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, and Plant Extracts) *In addition to essential oils, absolutes this fragrance contains an artisanal in-house tinctures of homegrown tomato leaves.



This verdant offering is part of our THE WITCH'S GARDEN limited Spring release and is made with seasonal ingredients and one of a kind olfactory tinctures, artisanally crafted in-house. As a result of its previous nature, it is limited edition and may not be replicated or re-released.

Customer Reviews

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Ashley Lawrence
A slow unfurling of green

I never thought I would find a scent that I like move than my beloved Serpentine, but Lvnea has truly outdone themselves with this one. I am a big fan of anything tobacco leaf or flower scented and I love the scent and medicinal power of mugwort, so I knew when I saw this I had to try it out. There is a sweet greenness at first, smoothly giving way to a beautiful herbaceous undercurrent. This is what a small creature smells in the cool dark underbrush of a tomato field while the sun beats hard on the leaves, coaxing their scent out into the daylight. Lvnea—I’m begging you, make this a part of your regular lineup.

Nightshade poetry

“Sunrise breaks its fatal perfume
And I'm dizzy to distraction
The scented clutches of a siren's lament
Embrace the sound of enchantment

Five fathoms deep, the lovers leap
The lanterns of skin beckon us in
O Belladonna

Absolutely adore this perfume, it smells like it all species of nightshade conspired with mossy earth to create this beautiful concoction. I feel layered with la Lame Verte it becomes even more green and herbal. However, it by itself it is moody, dark and grungy. I never thought I would be personally a fan of tomato leaf or a collection that is rather focused on a “green profile” but I find it strangely more goth than all other perfumes I own. An absolute masterpiece —-

Audrée Collette Ducharme

omg....Why do I have an infinite crush on a limited edition perfume, life is unfair :( I need this forever. Its creamy, earthy, and rich. Its like I'm in a secret garden, playing, loving and being. If this perfume were a movie it would be FairyTale: A True Story.