• A natural, botanical unisex leather scent by perfumery LVNEA with notes of saffron, rose attar, spikenard, calamus, and cinnamon.  Housed in a black glass roll-on bottle, the label reads AFFRON ROUGE PARFUM BOTANIQUE.

SAFFRON ROUGE | Parfum Botanique - saffron, rose, cinnamon, red spikenard

This oil perfume is designed to work with your natural pheromones and enhance attraction. According to Amazigh legend, saffron perfume is said to have magical powers - the power to make people fall in love. 

Notes: attar of roses · saffron · red spikenard · sweet calamus · cinnamon

Aspects: leather · floral · earth · spice 

The Ritual: roll a small amount onto pulse points and allow to air dry.

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, an essential oil blend, natural plant extracts.

Presented in beautiful black amethyst glass bottle with a glass roller ball in a matte black tube.

  • $48.00

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