• LVNEA - Natural Perfume - Améthyste - Botanical Oil

AMÉTHYSTE - Limited Return - Jasmine, Rose, White Sagebrush, Pink Pepper

AMÉTHYSTE - Botanical Perfume Oil

An enticing and mysterious blend. Floral, sweet, and ethereal, with a somewhat musky, tea and honey base

Featured Notes: crystallized amber, white sagebrush, jasmine petals, rose de mai buds, and pink peppercorn.

Aspects: floral, indolic, dry spicy, balsamic

The Ritual: roll a small amount on to pulse points and allow to air dry.

Ingredients: coconut oil, an essential oil blend, and natural plant extracts.

Choose between 10ml/.33oz

Comes in a beautiful black amethyst glass bottle with crystal roller ball inside a matte black tube. 


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