Aphrodite's Garden of Aromatic Delights - Limited Edition Amatory Box

Warm your heart and soothe your senses with this extravagant box of aromatic delights. This offering to Aphrodite calls on the enticing and heart-healing powers of the garden and is overflowing with an abundance of aromatic herbs, flowers, and fruits from the Goddesses' garden.


L'Orchidée Parfum ❦ 

Orchid, a flower of Venus, is one of the most evocative of flowers and has been used in sexual and fertility rituals by cultures around the world. According to legend the flower is a favoured food of satyrs possibly because the name comes from the Ancient Greek (órkhis), literally meaning “testicle“, named after the shape of its root, although the plant has a balance of both masculine and feminine energies. During the Roman period orchid roots were eaten as an aphrodisiac and in the 18th century it was also fashionable to eat orchids. The petals were added to sandwiches and the dried powdered roots to soups and stews. Vanilla even comes from a species of orchid. 

L'Orchidée is a fantasy scent based on the elusive fragrance of orchids which can range in scent from citrusy vanilla to spicy cinnamon and seductive jasmine. Unfortunately there is no true orchid essential oil or absolute unless taking vanilla absolute into consideration. 

Top Notes: mimosa, lemon, vanillin
Middle Notes: white orchid accord with jasmine and linden blossom, cinnamon
Base Notes: benzoin, vanilla absolute, orris root 

Presented in a 5ml clear glass bottle with atomizer. 


Rosée de Minuit - Hair Perfume ❦ 

A dewy blend of peach, rose, magnolia, and orange blossom over a base of sultry resins, ambrette, and sandalwood. This hair perfume is toilette strength with added rosewater and aloe vera juice for hydration.

Mist liberally on hair as desired. Hair makes a wonderful place for perfume as it holds the scent longer and gives it an alluring fresh scent between washing. 

30ml clear glass bottle with atomizer. 


Prûne Bleue - Plum, Blue Lotus, and Rose Onguent Parfumé ❦ 

Fragrant plum oil infused with rose and blue lotus petals + a touch of blue lotus and rose absolutes. Blue lotus lends this aromatic concoction its hypnotic, otherworldly blue hue, and has been celebrated as both a heal-all and a notorious aphrodisiac. Rose calms and soothes the mind, helps drive away melancholy, and is also a potent aphrodisiac. 
Use this fragrant balm to anoint pulse points and as the skin warms it will release its bewitching effects. 

10 g black amethyst glass pot with lid. 

Soeurs de Carmes - eau beauté ❦

Inspired by the famous 12th century Carmelite Water.

The story begins with the Sisters of Carmel, known as Carmelite nuns of the Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. The nuns of the Carmelite Abbey in France became celebrated for their now famous aqua mirabilis (miracle water) that eventually came to be known as Carmelite water. The popular miracle water, also known as Eau de Melisse (lemon balm) was created for King Charles V of France in 1379. It quickly gained recognition as a panacea for a wide variety of complaints and was believed to cure headaches, protect against poison, break hexes, and was used as an elixir of longevity. It became so in demand that the nuns started to produce, bottle, and sell this famous water on a large scale.

The exact formula was top secret but it undoubtedly was focused around lemon balm, Melissa officinalis, which has long held a reputation for calming the nerves. Nicholas Culpepper praised the virtues of Carmelite water in The Complete Herbal: “It causeth the Mind and Heart to become merry, and reviveth the Heart fainting to foundlings, especially of such who are overtaken in their sleep, and driveth away al troublesome cares and thought...” And the Swiss physician and alchemist Paracelsus also praised lemon balm as the “elixir of life”. This Eau de Mélisse also served as a perfume and toilet water and is one of the forerunners to French eau de cologne.

Our version of this aqua mirabilis contains lemon balm hydrosol and extracts, rose water, chamomile and sandalwood hydrosols, and herbal glycerites. It is meant to be spritzed on the face and self as desired for a refreshing, hydrating, calming and restorative experience.

50ml in a black amethyst glass bottle with atomizer. 


Jardin de Minuit Pot-Pourri Sachet ❦ 

Pot-pourri, originally a 12th century concoction of dried flowers, herbs, and spices, for the purpose of freshening rooms, mostly in castles, at the time of its invention. Fragrant botanicals of all kinds were placed in huge cauldrons, moistened with spirits, and then left to rot. This process created a pungent perfume which was released each time the lid was lifted. The mixture was placed in extravagant vessels and used to scent and beautify rooms throughout the castle. 

Jardin de Minuit Pot-Pourri is made with blue lotus, rose hips, jasmine, peony, rose petals, yarrow, bee balm, holy basil, mimosa, and helichrysum and perfumed with essential oils and plant extracts (and sans the rot). 

This decorative sachet may be used to scent your home or for a very extravagant bath. 

2 oz of botanicals in a black organza sachet. 

All products come nestled in a matte black reusable gift box with peach ribbon. 

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