• Black tin of LVNEA's "Ardent Hearts" incense seen from overhead on a black piece of satin. The tin is surrounded by loose heart-shaped incense pastilles and pink roses
  • Black tin of LVNEA's "Ardent Hearts" incense surrounded by loose heart-shaped incense pastilles, white milk glass vases filled with pink roses. A pastille of incense is burning on a charcoal disc at the front of the composition.

ARDENT HEARTS ❦ Limited Edition Amatory Incense

𝓐𝓻𝓭𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓼・Amatory Fumigant Pastilles

If grief is love with nowhere to go, then so too is yearning; a tremor turned fissure as it ravages our body trying to reach for the other.  

Fumigants have a long-established history as ritual tools to connect with the intangible; curlicues of perfumed smoke coiling in and out between worlds, caressing the heavens, flooding out from beneath the veil, connecting our earthbound hearts with the dear, the departed, the divine. A perfumed token of devotion ; a means to reach out into the ether when yearning must escape the body in search of some place—or someone—to go.

Each perfumed heart-shaped pastille is crafted from an unctuous paste of honey, rose petals, medjool dates, saffron, incense, and lemon verbena before being rolled in powdered  resin and 14kt gold mica. 

NOTES: rose petals・liquid honey・medjool dates・saffron・frankincense・benzoin

Use in ceremonies of love, lust, or longing. To burn incense pastilles, light a self-igniting charcoal disk and place in a heat-resistant container, allowing for embers to catch before dropping the pastille into the divot. Do not burn incense unattended, and keep out of reach of children, pets, or flammable materials. Use caution when handling vessel, which may become hot to the touch. Charcoal disks are not included but can be purchased here

4 handmade artisanal incense pastilles (3 small + 1XL) presented in a black tin with seal. Seal and store to preserve aroma.   


This limited edition offering is made with extra-special artisanal extracts as part of our ROSE DEVOTION Amatory box.