• ARIES | The Ram Astrological Gift Bundle
  • ARIES | The Ram Astrological Gift Bundle
  • ARIES | The Ram Astrological Gift Bundle

ARIES | The Ram Astrological Gift Bundle

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The first instalment of what we hope to be a series of astrologically-themed care and curiosity packages, this bundle was crafted and curated with the fiery, Mars-ruled Aries in mind, and includes staple LVNEA products as well as exclusive offerings handmade by members of our talented team. Each product highlights and calls upon the lively aromas and catalyzing energetics of lively citrus, sturdy woods, and curious spice each herbal ally chosen to uplift our beloved Aries or anyone looking to harness the season's boon of strong-willed liveliness, courage, and trail-blazing exuberance.   


♂ Invigorating Ritual Bath Salt
A warming melange of succulent blood orange, pink pepper, and rose extracts with a bite of ginger, dressed in garnet-hued petals and blended into pink Himalayan salts. Unlike the other, more soporific blends we offer, designed to promote relaxation and stillness, Fire Bathing is meant to do just as its name suggests; tend to the embers of our hearts while warming the body by promoting circulation and invigorating the spirit.

Add a handful or more to a running bath to stoke your inner flame when in need of vigour or to uplift a weary heart, and tackle the day head-on with optimism and zest.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (Pink Himalayan Salt), Natural Fragrance/Parfum, Rosa centifolia (Rose) Flower.
Presented in a 16 oz reusable glass jar.
FEU DE JOIE ♂Joyous Flame Incense Cones
Formulated and launched in March of 2021, Feu de Joie was born of the need for warmth to carry us through the month while we impatiently awaited the warmth of Spring, always later to arrive in our Northern region of Canada. Literally translated from French as 'Fire of Joy'—bonfire —, what started out as a limited run has since been permanently integrated into our line, and conjures forth the luminescence of a roaring bonfire.

Bright, earthy Somalian Frankincense enrobes the warm, dry aroma of Cedarwood, pairing the wood's energy of stillness and fortitude with the richness of liquid gold. Sweet and radiant, Yuzu calls forth brightness from behind a dark veil of Cade, whose sharp, torched aroma can be used to smoke out stale or malignant forces unseen to the eye.

20 naturally-perfumed charcoal cones per package. Place on a heat-resistant surface out of the reach of children and familiars. 15-minute approximate burn time.  

ARIES BEESWAX CANDLE PAIR ♂ Aries Fire Tapers by Jessika Fancy
Invoke the curiosity and spark which Aries offers us after the hardship of winter. Golden and honey-fragrant hand-dipped local beeswax tappers. They have been adorned with dried yarrow at the base, a calendula blossom, and hand-pressed yarrow leafs collected over the summer months. Each pair of tapers is unique and no two will be identical. Calendula offers us the warmth of the sun, and hope for brighter days ahead. Yarrow known as a protective herb to heal wounds from battles is a perfect energetic ally to get us ready to be out into the world again.

Each taper is misted with an energetic blend of gem and flower essences (daffodil, orange calcite, rutilated quartz) to support the transition into spring, promote creativity, and a releasing of inhibitions. Allow these candles to guide you as you wish through the unfolding of spring and ask for courage whenever it is needed! Burn time for each candle varies between 4-5 hours. 

*Please do not burn candles and leave them unattended. Be mindful of the dried plant material, and remove dried blossom before letting the candle burn through. Place flower on your altar, and once the candles have melted offer them back to the earth.

 PINK PEPPERCORN ESSENTIAL OIL ♂ Perfumery-grade Botanical Extract
Similarly to Black Peppercorn essential oil, Pink Peppercorn extract is an intensely bright and transportive middle note, but softer than its Mars-ruled counterpart, which we think is a perfect way to balance the fiery energy of Aries season without dimming its flame.

When used in perfumery, Pink Peppercorn lends freshness, warmth, and a uniquely dry, semi-floral, and sweet layer to a fragrance— especially when paired with cheery florals, citrus, earthy musk notes (like patchouli), and other spices.  Topically*, it can help bring warmth to the body in the form of soaking salts,  chest rubs, and massage oils, while its aromatherapeutic qualities can help liven the spirit, gladden the heart, and ignite passion.

*Always dilute essential oils before use, especially when working with spices! A little goes a long way; Pink Peppercorn should be used sparingly in topical and diffusing blends to avoid irritation of the skin, eyes, and airways.
5ml in a black glass phial with euro-dropper top.

SUNRAYS & SPICE♂In-House Herbal Tea Blend
A cheerful blend of sunny Calendula, golden Elderflower, and nutrient-dense Mexican Marigold. laced with a pinch of Clove Bud and Black Peppercorn to help bring depth and turn up the heat. Perfect for the damp, chilly days of early spring to kickstart the day and get the body moving by reminding us that warmer days are right around the corner. This blend may equally aid with blood circulation, digestion, brain fog, frayed nerves, and boost the immune system, as well as provide a mild analgesic sensation to the mouth. 

To prepare, place 1 tablespoon per cup in a mesh strainer and allow to steep for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the level of heat desired. For optimal results, cover strainer with a makeshift lid while steeping to trap in the blend's precious volatile oils. Add honey, lemon, milk product, or chill to taste.

Ingredients: Calendula, Mexican Marigold, Elderflower, Clove Bud, Black Peppercorn.
Presented in an organic cotton muslin pouch with drawstring.

In addition to the selection of fiery offerings listed below, the recipient of this bundle with receive one 1ml sample of L'Alchimie oil-based botanical perfume, with notes of blood orange, red mandarin peel, black peppercorn, jasmine, rose, and amber —  the perfect fragrance for an Aries according to French occultist Valentin Bresle's estoteric tome "Les parfums et leurs influences magiques", first published in 1942 which prescribes the ram the scents of fire, spice, citrus, and amber.