• GUA SHA | Black Obsidian Heart-Shaped Facial Massage Tool

GUA SHA | Black Obsidian Heart-Shaped Facial Massage Tool

Our grooved Gua Sha facial massage tool is made from black obsidian. It can help improve skin elasticity by stimulating blood flow and encouraging lymphatic drainage, as well as releasing tension from the face and body with the help of an angled crease at the middle of the tool - perfect for outlining the contour of the face and body.

Work out from the centre of your face and along your neck in an upward motion, paying special attention to the jawbone, cheekbones, and other areas you wish to tone or release tension from. Use with our Larmes de Rose facial serum for ease of use and better absorption into the skin of the face rather than hands. Handle with care and press lightly. Can be warmed with hot water or chilled in the refrigerator before use. 

Each tool is unique and may have slight variations in hue and grain due to the organic nature of the stone.

  • $22.00