• Flourish & Bloom Herbal Blend - Ritual Cravt

Flourish & Bloom Herbal Blend - Ritual Cravt

Flourish & Bloom Herbal Tea and Bath Blend by Ritual Cravt
Presented in an 8 oz reusable tin.

As listed on Ritual Cravt's website:
"Handcrafted in our small Denver witchshop, our Flourish & Bloom tea is made with the purpose to grow and inspire, create and share. Brew this tea with friends or members of your community to flourish and bloom together. Made for witches by witches. This blend in particular is made completely out of flowers."

Directions: One tablespoon of herbs per 8 oz of water for tea.

Ingredients: hawthorn leaf & flower, rose petals, cyani flowers, calendula, lavender, red clover blossom, chrysanthemum, elderflower, hibiscus & linden.