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Wild Thing - Plant-based Lubricant | INTAMO PLEASURABLES


Wild Thing is a plant-based, oil-based personal lubricant that is infused with organic hemp-seed oil to help alleviate pain during sex and increase arousal. Next to hemp-seed oil, sesame oil steals the show because of its warming effects and silkiness that it offers our body. Similarly to hemp-seed oil, sesame oil helps to remove environmental toxins from the body which is important for our overall health and sexual wellbeing.

Wild Thing was purposely formulated with a unique blend of plant-based ingredients that facilitates sex that feels better. We recommend this lubricant for those longer sessions in the bedroom because of its ultra long-lasting properties, and restorative ingredients like MCT fractionated coconut oil, which can help with alleviating menopausal symptoms and vaginal dryness/pain.

• ultra long lasting for limited re-applications
• silky texture and subtle warming feeling promotes restoration of the skin’s delicate tissues 
• offers succulent hydration to the skin
• may provide anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties
• may help relieve pain and stimulate arousal

Ingredients: sesame oil, MCT fractionated coconut oil, vitamin E oil, organic hemp seed oil

* Wild Thing's oil base is not compatible with latex condoms and can cause harm to your toys! Make sure to check whether they are compatible before use.


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