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LE LOUP BLANC - Smoke, Woods, Frankincense, Musk

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LE LOUP BLANC - Botanical Perfume Oil
{the white wolf}

Bold, fierce, and majestic. A smoky and musky, sweet blend embodying the essence of the noble and magnificent northern white wolf.

Featured Notes: smoked birch wood, cedarwood dust, young pine needles, lemon zest, vetiver and costus roots, frankincense, and blue chamomile.

Aspects: smoky, musky, agrestic, slightly citrus, lemony and woody. 

The Ritual: roll a small amount on to pulse points and allow to air dry.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, coconut oil, an essential oil blend, plant extracts.

Choose between 10ml/.33oz or 20ml/.67oz

Comes in a beautiful black glass bottle with steel roller ball inside a matte black tube (10ml) or a matte black gift box (20ml). 

natural / botanical 

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