• Limited-Edition Amatory Box Set
  • Limited-Edition Amatory Box Set
  • Limited-Edition Amatory Box Set

Limited-Edition Amatory Box Set

A limited-edition thematic boxset to call forth love, lust, and devotion.

Warm your heart with our most extravagant box set yet. Dripping in literal gold, this offering to Venus calls on the enticing and heart-healing powers of the Goddess' favoured herbs, flowers, and aromatics to regale the senses.

Venus Water Eau de Cologne ❦ 

An anointing spray for love, lust, comfort, and care, this eau de cologne is lighter than an eau de parfum. It can be used as a perfume to scent the self, the home, and of course - the lover.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Botanical Musk Accord, Botanical Ambergris Accord
Middle Notes: Rose, Myrtle, Elderflower and Olive Leaf
Top Notes:
Mugwort, Verbena, Yarrow, Pink Grapefruit

Comes in 15ml clear glass bottle with spray nozzle.


Rose of Venus Face and Body Cream ❦ 
A divine blend of rosewater, lemon, myrtle, sweetgrass, and sandalwood carried in rose hip oil, babassu oil, and mango butter. Luxurious and butter-soft, this lightweight face and body cream will delight the senses and keep skin soft, supple, and rosy through the final winter months.

With olive leaf and wine extracts.

Comes topped with gold leaf flakes in a 50ml black glass jar with limited edition gold label.


Celestial Flower Bathing ❦ 
Ritual Venus bath salts, herbs, and flowers with the sweet scent of sandalwood, rose, and intoxicating magnolia in full bloom. Large Himalayan salt crystals and Dead Sea rock salt crystals are mixed with dried lavender, blue lotus, blue cornflower, rose, jasmine, and hibiscus petals, along with healing calendula and purple malva blossoms, plus mugwort, damiana, and verbena leaf. 

Comes in a 2 oz. black re-sealable sample bag.

Larmes d'Aphrodite Bath and Body Oil
A Rose, Myrtle, Mugwort, Sandalwood and Damiana accord in jojoba, babassu, and coconut oils. Plus Magnolia, Chamomile and Blue Lotus petals which lend the concoction its hypnotic, otherworldly blue hue, and has been celebrated as both a heal-all and a notorious aphrodisiac.

50ml in a clear, circular glass bottle with a wax seal and gold screw-cap.


Golden Venus Soap ❦ 
Sandalwood, rosewood, and rose essential oils blended into a petal-strewn black soap bar, topped with genuine gold leaf.  With coconut, shea, and rosehip oils.

Naturally perfumed, cold-processed, small-batch 5oz soap.

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