• Limited Edition Summer Seasonal Box

Limited Edition Summer Seasonal Box

A limited edition summer box filled with seasonal offerings and sensuous scents to celebrate the warmth and bounty of the season. Made with precious flowers and herbs collected in spring and leading up to the summer solstice. 


100 Flowers Water - eau de fraîche

100 Flowers Water is a longstanding tradition from Italy and is prepared during the days leading up to the night between June 23rd and June 24th. This is a significant time period when many magical plants and flowers are in bloom.
This evening is considered a special night when the 'veil between worlds' is thin and many plants and herbs are at their full potency. Traditionally many of the plants used were considered cure-all plants and had strong protective properties and since the water is left out overnight the dew from the moonlit night is considered to be charged with extra curative properties. 

My version of 100 Flowers Water perfume is comprised of some very precious homemade floral extracts including a lilac enfleurage, hyacinth enfleurage, elderflower blossom and rose extract all made days prior leading up to the solstice then combined with a water infusion of lavender, mint, basil, chamomile, mugwort, rosemary and rue fresh from my garden and all harvested and infused on the night of La Notte Delle Streghe or the Night of the Witch's.  

This eau fraîche may be used as one would use a Florida Water - to cleanse, purify, and protect. Spritz oneself, environment, or sacred objects. May be added to bath water or applied at the entrance of one's home for protection. The scent is fresh with richly floral notes yet is as fleeting as the spring blossoms it is comprised of. 

Preserved with pure alcohol and presented in a 50ml black glass bottle with an atomizer. 

The inspiration of this scented water comes from Karyn Crisis, author of Italy's Witches and Medicine Women, whose work I have found by trying to connect to my matrilineal ancestry. 


Peony infused beauty oil

Jojoba and rose hip oils infused with fresh peony petals and a homemade gardenia enfleurage. This precious oil may be used on the face, body, or hair for nourishment. The high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of peony make it highly beneficial for the skin. 

Presented in a 50ml black glass jar with pump. 


Alpena - Goddess of Flowers Anointing Oil 

A naturally perfumed anointing oil named after Alpena, the pre-Roman goddess of flowers. Perfumed with precious flower oils of rose, jasmine, lotus, neroli, and narcissus, as well as clove and saffron oils, and a base of precious resins. 

Presented in a 10ml black glass bottle with a crystal roller top.  


Violet Blossom Face Cream

A light and refreshing botanical face cream made with fresh violet leaf and blossom infused jojoba oil with rose and chamomile floral waters. 

Violets are wonderful soother for inflamed skin and can help calm rashes, hives & eczema as well as moisturize, tone and heal the skin.

Ingredients: violet leaf and blossom infused jojoba oil, organic olive oil, rose and chamomile hydrosol, vegetable derived emulsifier, allantoin powder- derived from plants and a nourishing skin protector and moisturize, all natural plant derived preservative, calendula extract, and a very light essential oil blend of violet leaf, neroli, and rose. 

Presented in a 50ml violet glass jar. 


Violet Leaf handmade cold-process soap

Violet leaf infused hemp oil and organic olive oil make for a luxurious botanical soap bar. Scented with violet leaf extract and rosewood leaf oil and topped with violet leaves and freshly picked viola blossoms. 

5oz bar. 


These products are made with a portion of seasonally foraged local ingredients and are therefore limited edition. They come nestled in a reusable gift box. 

Natural - Botanical - Hand Made