Solid Perfume Sample Set



Solid Perfume Sample Set


Each solid perfume is a fully developed fragrance based around one note. They are a mix of essential oils, floral waxes, and plant extracts. The notes are carefully selected to bring out the best in the featured note and never dominate or steal from the star of the show. Each perfume can be worn alone or layered together to create your own unique accord.

Choose from 2 - 8 samples and write you choices in the "special instructions" section when viewing your cart before checkout:

midnight tuberose - carnal and creamy tuberose blended with cepes, moss, and rose, intoxicatingly rich yet earthy floral. Like rolling around a garden at midnight with your lover, the petals, earth, and leaves crushed beneath you.

sacred incense - Pure frankincense, the sacred resin traditionally used as incense for thousands of years. An ethereal, clear aroma of the precious resin with deep resinous undertones and lemony and woody top notes. Balanced with cedar and myrrh.

desert sage - Bright and uplifting wild sage and white sage blended with a base of smokey warm amber, lavender, and cedar. An existential walk through the desert.

lichen et lavande - Lavender and moss. Sweet herbal and rich green notes atop the earthy-richness of moss, with slight undertones of wood and pine.

palo santo - An exotic sacred wood with a smoky charred background and hints of lemon and mint. Blended with rosewood, guaiacwood, cedar, and birch. Used as an incense and burned to cleanse and ward off bad spirits.

rose wood - Sweet, woody, fruity, and floral aroma.

cafe vetiver - rich coffee with a base of smokey and earthy vetiver.

black spruce - black spruce absolute, fir absolute, cypress, juniper and needle oils. A spicy resinous woodsy note with hints of dried fruit and leather. Like a walk through a dark forest.


Each tin contains at least 3 ml of natural perfume in a 5ml tin. 

Contains organic jojoba oil, organic beeswax, and essential oils. 


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