Vetiver Root Bundle | VETIVER FARMS HAWAI'I


A bundle of sacred and aromatic Hawaiian Vetiver roots sustainably harvested by Vetiver Farms Hawai'i. One of the oldest plants on earth, Vetiver offers and intensely grounding experience and can be burned on heat resistant surfaces to scent your space and call upon its wisdom.

Do not leave burning bundle unattended. 

Vetiver Farms Hawai'i goal is to professionally utilize sustainable solutions in today's developing world. Their experienced bio-engineering team consists of internationally trained and educated engineers, scientists and technicians specializing in: soil and water conservation, slope stabilization, erosion control, flood water diversions, constructed wetland design, landfill leachate disposal, sustainable landscapes, re-vegetation and pasture improvement.All vetiver and other green-engineering plants are cultivated using natural farming and permaculture methods to leave a positive agricultural impact. These methods result in a low cost to the environment.