• "There was a day I went on an autumn hike, and as I walked through the foggy forests I wanted to catch the smell in the air, I wanted a perfume like this. The other day I found Lvnea and my expectations were exceeded. I never felt so complete in my own skin as I feel with Ghost Pine on it.."
    - Irina
  • "I have never been so in love in all of my existence as I am with this decadent yet earth indulgence. It almost smells like you’re running through a field of poppies with smoky earth sizzling under your soles. I’m amazed. I’ve never been so addicted to a fragrance in all of my life. You guys did it again."
    - Jenn
  • "I inhale........and I am absorbed into the dark corners of a Rembrandt painting. A triumph of a fragrance!"
    - Meredyn