• A lit Jardin de Sorcière candle displayed on a bed of moss, with a bouquet of native garden flowers in the background.
  • LVNEA’s Jardin de Sorcière candle housed in a resealable 8 ounce black glass jar on a black background

JARDIN DE SORCIÈRE | Essential Oil Candle - mugwort, moss, tomato leaf

  • $48.00

An all-natural, artisanal soy wax candle generously scented with an essential oil blend and floral wax, now with a cotton wick for a better burn.

Jardin de Sorcière offers an aromatic bouquet of magical herbs, moss-laden soil, and molten sunlight,  scented with natural and botanical ingredients inspired by late summer days entangled in the vines of nightshade and herb gardens. It opens with deeply herbaceous, almost medicinal mugwort and spiced, verdant, and deeply nostalgic tomato leaf top notes before leading you down to a heart of rich soil (thanks to aged dark patchouli) and mossy overgrowth. Finally, subtle nuances of smoky myrrh and deeply narcotic night-blooming tuberose complete this bewitching blend and will fill any space with potent plant magic.

FEATURED NOTES: mugwort · patchouli · tomato leaf · oakmoss · myrrh 

ASPECTS: herbaceous · mossy · green

This aura burns for approximately 50 hours. Keep wick centered and trimmed to ¼'' after each use. Never leave a burning candle unattended, near a draft, or by flammable objects. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Comes in a 250ml/8oz black amethyst glass jar with a lid, presented in your choice of either a black giftbox or as is.

INGREDIENTS:  soy wax, tuberose floral wax, a cotton wick, and an essential oil blend.