• LA VOYANCE - Limited Edition Eau de Parfum

LA VOYANCE - Limited Edition Eau de Parfum

La Voyance (clairvoyance) Eau de Parfum is comprised of the juniper berry and branch smoke enfleurage I described in the previous post. Burning juniper is said to aid in clairvoyance and to help one commune with the spirit world and through enfleurage we are able to capture this experience in a wearable form. La Voyance consists of notes of burning incense and wood, embers, gin, and fresh juniper. 

Top: juniper berry, cedarwood, lime, galbanum

Middle: orange blossom, rosemary absolute, juniper absolute, rose

Base: choya, cognac, labdanum, oakmoss

Presented in an 8ml clear glass bottle with atomizer top. 

This perfume is limited edition and was released through our Cabinet of Scents as December's perfume of the month. Comes with a printed Cabinet of Scents card which includes general as well as perfumery-specific information on the month's featured material.