• 30ml black glass bottle of LVNEA’s Rose Fantôme natural perfume on black background
  • 8ml clear glass bottle of LVNEA’s Rose Fantôme natural perfume on black background
  • 8ml clear glass bottle of LVNEA’s Rose Fantôme natural perfume on black background, bottle is rotated at a 3/4 angle exposing a star pattern on the label.

ROSE FANTÔME | Eau de Parfum - rose, immortelle, cèpes

  • $108.00

The scent of ruptured longing, refoulé into the mossy ground and captured by the abandoned rose.

Inspired by the Cimetière du Père Lachaise in Paris and its moss-covered stone and porcelain grave adornments, Rose Fantôme breathes not the fresh blooming rose but the one that has been cut, left and forgotten. Now one with its surroundings, it blends with the scents of dried grass and lichen, hay, and dirt.

An earthy and agrestic floral, a specter of its original softness still remains.

FEATURED NOTES: porcelain roses · immortelle · dried hay · graveyard soil · cepes · oakmoss · oakwood

Aspects: earthy · agrestic · sophisticated floral

Ingredients: Alcohol (Cane Sugar, Organic), Natural Fragrance/Parfum (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, and Plant Extracts). May contain limonene and/or linalool, naturally occurring constituents in most essential oils.

Presented in a 30ml black glass bottle or an 8ml clear glass bottle, both with an atomizer spray top.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The Home

I never expected to find a new favorite perfume, but this one feels as comfortable as a heavy, cozy, beautiful coat. It's like something that I subconsciously knew about myself but had not yet discovered. Funny enough, I have been collecting dead roses all my life.

Gorgeous and complex.

Truly unique, this scent evokes perfectly dried roses, along with the 'graveyard soil' of the description. Rich and loamy, there's almost a ylang-ylang aspect to the composition. The only rose scent I've encountered that isn't syrupy, hot-house cloying, or powdery. I am so, so impressed with this parfum. It layers wonderfully with the Fire & Oud parfum crème!

Dark, Romantic

I recently purchased some samples for myself and this perfume was one of them. I usually have a problem where I love how the scent smells in the bottle but it when it dries, it ends up either smelling awful or doesn't suit my personality. I usually go for light rose scents but was curious to try this one. When I first put it on, it came off as a strong spicy rose. After it dried on my wrist, it smelled like winter spiced moss and a hint of herbal church incense. It reminds me of a lost soul exploring the cemetery and church during a misty autumn dusk evening.

ghost rose

i received rose fantome as a sample after ordering my first lvnea love affair (amber forest parfum creme), and i'm so grateful. i purchased within 24 hrs, because rose fantome is everything i've dreamed of in a perfume. while unisex (i think everything is unisex admittedly), this is a scent of a woman who knows more than you. she holds wisdom and secrets. the hay and immortelle are a hint sweet, while the leaves, and crepes balance the sweetness with their earthiness. i totally get how this was inspired by porcelain mourning wreaths -- it reminds me of the smell of wet rocks you pick up from a cool creek, but with life breathed into it. just beautiful.