• 30ml black glass bottle of LVNEA’s Feu Follet natural perfume on black background
  • 8ml clear glass bottle of LVNEA’s Feu Follet natural perfume on black background

FEU FOLLET | Eau de Parfum - smoke, wood, balsam, pine tar

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"You defend the shadows since the sun hurts your eyes." —
Le feu follet, Louis Malle

A resinous, smoky scent that engulfs and subdues, descending into the languorous warmth and darkness of pine tar, burnt wood and leather.

Similar to that of the will-o'-the-wisp, the French Feu Follet folktale tells of the apparition of a small, ghostly light or luminous flame which would reportedly haunt forests, swamps, and graveyards in order to lure wandering travelers to their untimely demise. Thought to be a manifestation of spirits either lost, condemned, or malevolent, this phenomenon has been documented throughout history and has contributed to innumerable legends across the world.

Featured Notes: smoke · wood · botanical leather · tree resin and charred bark

Aspects: warm  · bold · smokey · leathery · woody · balsamic nuances

Ingredients: Alcohol (Cane Sugar, Organic), Natural Fragrance/Parfum (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, and Plant Extracts). May contain limonene and/or linalool, naturally occurring constituents in most essential oils.

Presented in a 30ml black glass bottle or an 8ml clear glass bottle, both with an atomizer spray top.


Customer Reviews

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One step closer...

I actually bought Feu Follet in sample form for a friend who can never get enough smoke-smelling things, but I've decided to keep it and give her my sample of Smoke+Oud parfume creme instead. Although the smoke is very present here, it's not straight campfire-in-your-face the entire time. It simmers down relatively quickly and mixes into a more woodsy, resin-y forest-fire-from-afar scent. The amber softens it up some, too. I'm on a quest to find a scent that evokes christmas midnight mass from my religious childhood and I think the closest I've come is a dab of this plus a dab of Mourning Ritual in the same spot. That way I get some of the incense, the fresh pine trees, the flowers, candle smoke, old wooden building, all at once.

Gentle and smoky

It's definitely got that campfire smell, but it's light and airy, like you're smelling it from a long distance away. Wood smoke can be very overpowering, and it starts off like that fresh out of the bottle, which can be a little overpowering, but dries to something much much more fragrant and dark which I've not seen many other perfumes able to do with that scent.


If you love the smell of your jacket after sitting around a campfire all night, you will enjoy this scent. Really lovely, a little bit dark (which I love about all of the lvnea scents I've tried), and the fragrance lingers a long time. I'm sure to repurchase when the bottle runs dry.