• LVNEA - Natural Perfume - Botanical - Handcrafted - Sample Set
  • LVNEA - Natural Perfume - Botanical - Handcrafted - Sample Set

Botanical Perfume Sample Set

Mini sample bottles filled with your choice of natural perfume offered by Lvnea.

Each vial contains at least 1 ml of perfume (comes in a 2.5 ml bottle that is a little less than half filled) and is good for about 6 applications.

Choose 4, 8, or ALL 15 samples.

SAFFRON ROUGE: saffron, rose, calamus, red spikenard, cinnamon.

TASSEOMANCY: black tea, lapsang souchong, spices, milk, and honey. 

PAPILLON DE NUIT: palo santo, botanical white musk accord, ambrette seed, white sandalwood. 

VIOLET WOODS: crushed violet leaves and petals atop a base of softwoods. 

GHOST PINE: earthy and rich, a foggy wet forest on an overcast day. Smells like pine needles, wet leaves, moss, and wood.

SPIRITUUM: sacred galbanum, patchouli, oakmoss

L'ALCHIMIE: blood orange, vanilla, rosemary, black pepper, and sweet resins.

DAGGER MOON: dense woodlands, ruh khus, juniper berry, palo santo, coffee, and nutmeg.

FERN AND MOSS: fresh, green, uplifting with lavender, basil, pink grapefruit, green herbs, and dark moss.

CUIR FÉTICHE: botanical leather notes with agarwood, saffron, and incense.

L'ÉTRANGER: vanilla, whiskey, oak barrels, cedar, and tobacco, with hints of smoky pine wood.

BLACK SEA: a botanical ambergris blend with hints of wood, burnt sea shells, musk, cedar, coconut, oakmoss, and sandalwood.

MOURNING RITUAL: church incense, dead roses, black velvet, and powdered resins.

NUIT DÉSERT: cedar leaf, smoke, and jasmine. 

FROST FLOWERS: black currants and dark florals, with hints of cool minty notes and icy fir trees.





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