PARFUM BOTANIQUE | Botanical Oil Perfume Sample Set

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 1.25 ml sample sets filled with natural, oil-based perfumes offered by LVNEA, perfect for gifts and for seeing if a fragrance you've been curious about is the right fit for you.

Choose 4 or ALL 14 samples of the following (you may only choose one of each perfume):

L'ALCHIMIE: blood orange · red mandarin peel · rose · amber · fossilized amber

CUIR FÉTICHE: botanical leather · agarwood · saffron · incense · smoke

DAGGER MOON: dense woodlands · baked earth · ruh khus · juniper berry · coffee · nutmeg

FERN AND MOSS:  pink grapefruit · lavender · basil · fresh moss · tonka bean · vetiver

FROST FLOWERS: tuberose · jasmine · soft musk · black currant · cypress

GHOST PINE: pine needles · wet leaves · damp moss · ancient woods · fog

MOURNING RITUAL: wilted rose · cathedral incense · black velvet · patchouli

NUIT DÉSERTcedar leaf · blood cedarwood · jasmine · vetiver · sandalwood  · agarwood · woodsmoke 

PAPILLON DE NUIT: palo santo* · white champaca flower · magnolia · botanical white musk accord · sandalwood

PÊCHE OBSCÈNE: ripe peach · jasmine · patchouli · sandalwood · oakmoss · vetiver

SAFFRON ROUGE: botanical leather · saffron · rose attar · cinnamon · calamus · red spikenard

SPIRITUUM: sacred galbanum · patchouli · green smoke · oakmoss · labdanum

TASSEOMANCY: bergamot · black tea · lapsang souchong · honey · spice · milk accord 

VIOLET WOODS: violet leaf · violet blossoms · orris root · soft woods · tonka bean

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oil, Fractionated), Natural Fragrance/Parfum (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, Plant Extracts, and Natural Isolates). May contain limonene and/or linalool, naturally occurring constituents in most essential oils.

Each roller-top amber glass vial is hand-filled with 1.25 ml of perfume, and is presented in a reindeer moss-laden gift box.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sarah Hornbeck
So fresh and beautiful

I LOVED 3/4 of the samples I tried. Ghost pine smells like actual woods, violet woods smells exactly like you’d think it smells, and saffron rouge just smells SO fresh and clean and I love them all so much!

Sheila Keay
Excellent service

I ordered a sample kit of four scents, Violet,Peche Obscene, Frost Flowers and Fern and Moss along with a bottle of Fine Lavendar and Aries beeswax tapers late last week and the order came today!! What amazing scents and so elegantly packaged.
I am very impressed with the service from your company. This is my second order and it's certainly not going to be the last. I am telling my friends who love scents and hope they give you a look.

Well done and thank you very much

Kim Thompson
In love!

I'm in love with all the scents! I bought this to try each one before choosing 1 or 2 roll ons. It is going to be difficult!! There is a really generous amount in each vial. I can't stop sniffing myself. The bottles are the cutest too!

Maria Elena Ferrandi
Nice and useful idea

The best way to try these amazing scents. I love every one of them and the packaging is absolutely beautiful.

Great Option

The sample set is a great option to try multiple scents. I purchased 10 scents that arrived beautifully packaged. It's been a lot of fun trying them all. My 3 favourites are Dagger Moon, Nuit Desert and Culte Solaire - but really are all beautiful and unique. The sample sets would make great gifts.