• Pair of beeswax tapers adorned with dried yarrow and calendula on a black background.
  • Astrological Beeswax Tapers: ARIES / FIRE | JESSIKA FANCY

Astrological Beeswax Tapers: ARIES / FIRE | JESSIKA FANCY


Invoke the curiosity and spark which Aries offers us after the hardship of winter. Golden and honey-fragrant hand-dipped local beeswax tappers. They have been adorned with dried yarrow at the base, a calendula blossom, and hand-pressed yarrow leafs collected over the summer months. Each pair of tapers is unique and no two will be identical. Calendula offers us the warmth of the sun, and hope for brighter days ahead. Yarrow known as a protective herb to heal wounds from battles is a perfect energetic ally to get us ready to be out into the world again.

Each taper is misted with an energetic blend of gem and flower essences (daffodil, orange calcite, rutilated quartz) to support the transition into spring, promote creativity, and a releasing of inhibitions. Allow these candles to guide you as you wish through the unfolding of spring or any time self confidence, courage and joy is needed. Burn time for each candle varies between 4-5 hours and measures around 6-6.5"

*Please do not burn candles and leave them unattended. Be mindful of the dried plant material, and remove dried blossom before letting the candle burn through. Place flower on your altar, and once the candles have melted offer them back to the earth.