BABYLON ROSE | Limited Re-Release Eau de Parfum ; rose, rainwater, saffron, oud

A buoyant veil of blooming roses, fresh rain, and aphrodisiac spices laid atop a base of enveloping musk and fragrant woods.  

First conjured in March of 2020 as part of perfumer April Lea’s now-defunct passion project, The Cabinet of Scents, Babylon Rose pays homage to the ancient metropolis’ fabled flora and the biblical downpours which allowed for paradisiacal vegetation to burst forth and cascade down the brick, golden columns, and brilliant frescoes in a fragrant veil.

Babylonia — the gate of the Gods, the land between two rivers. It's said that, once a year, rain and melting snow from nearby mountains would cause the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to overflow, flooding the region's canals and spilling over into the parched soil. These fabled downpours gifted the inhabitants of Babylon with abundant crops of lush greenery and fragrant botanicals, such as the rose. In a display of opulence, the city would encourage citizens of all classes to douse themselves in fragrance — a luxury normally only afforded to the wealthy.

Comprised of pure rose absolute and rose essential oils, an attar of oud, ancient spices of saffron, black pepper, and clove, and botanically composed rain and musk accords. 

Featured Notes: bergamot rind · black pepper · clove absolute · rose otto · rose absolute · rose de mai · cascades of rainfall · saffron · botanical musk accord · oud attar

Impressions: vibrant · rosy · ozonic ; spiced · sultry · musky ; earthy · wet · animalic

Upon application, dazzling and bitter citrus rind cuts through damp air to tickle the nose and enliven the senses in preparation of what follows: wafts of black gold and molten spices. Fragrant, smouldering woods. Warm bodies, wet with rainwater and glowing with the sheen of precious oils, milling about stone brick corridors. A dazzling thread of fuchsia unravelling across the landscape, with generous blooms like saucers tipping dew drops and nectar down to the parched soil below.

Ingredients: Alcohol (Organic Sugar Cane), Natural Fragrance/Parfum (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, Plant Extracts, and Natural Isolates)

This limited re-release fragrance is presented in either a 30 ml black glass bottle or 8 ml clear glass bottle with spray top. 


Customer Reviews

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My favorite scent

I got the smaller bottle of this the first time around and regretted so much that I didn't buy the full size... I went sort of nuts getting the next batch. Bought it as soon as it came out!! It starts out kind of earthy and green, and I almost want to say humid, and then fades into this sticky sweet rose scent. The rose has citrus and saffron undertones so it doesn't smell like a grandma rose perfume at all. It literally smells like if you stuck your head into a garden wall on a summer day. Easily my favorite scent


I ordered the 30ml this time, because I had only purchased the 8ml during the last release, and this newest release is even more incredible! The rose notes seem so much more complex and rich than previously. As a rose lover I am smitten.


This scent smells the Rose gardens my mother keeps. Mixed with Eau de Diable is a good layering 🖤🖤 thank you Lvnea