• ORANGE, BLOOD | Pure Essential Oil

ORANGE, BLOOD | Pure Essential Oil

Blood orange, a variety of Citrus sinensis, is a type of orange with characteristically dark reddish flesh, native to Sicily.

The oil extracted from the rind of the fruit is thin and ranges from pale yellow to orangish and has a warm, intense juicy-fresh tangy citrus scent. The scent is more tantalizing, bright and tart than sweet orange oil.

It is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, to promote digestion, and for its uplifting scent.

It blends well with lavender, bergamot, lemon, clary sage, myrrh and nutmeg, clove bud, coriander, geranium, juniper berry, mandarin, marjoram, neroli, and vanilla.


Type: citrus

Note: top or middle

Characteristics: complex, tart, bright

Presented in a 5ml or 15ml black glass bottle with euro dropper. 

*This is an essential oil and is not meant to be ingested or taken internally. 

Pure plant extract / handmade in small batches / 100% authentic botanical essences

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