• LVNEA - Body Serum - Cocoa Labdanum Myrrh - Botanical Oils

Cocoa / Labdanum / Myrrh - Body Serum


An aromatic body serum with rich, nourishing and moisturizing botanical oils. 

Featured Notes: warm and sweet dark cocoa, rich amber-like labdanum, and a slightly smokey myrrh resin. 

The Ritual: A little goes a long way, so start at first by pumping a small amount of the oil into hand and increase as needed. Apply to anywhere that needs extra moisture and the healing power of these precious plant oils. You may even apply a small amount to the ends of hair. 

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, almond oil, organic jojoba oil infused with cocoa beans and vanilla pods, an essential oil blend, and extracts of calendula, chamomile, rose, red clover, elderflower, and kava-kava root.


Comes in a beautiful black glass bottle with a black pump. 

50ml bottle - half the size of our current line of body serums.