Botanical Soap Bars | NATURASOPHIA

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Herbalist-crafted therapeutic soap infused with the wisdom of nature. Guided by Mediterranean ancestral traditions, ancient methods, and seasonal rhythms.

BASIL, ROSEMARY, & NETTLE  | A herbaceous soap, reminiscent of an aromatic garden in the Italian countryside. Made with juiced Basil, infused Rosemary, and freshly ground Nettle leaf from the Naturasophia garden.  Aromatic, warming, and stimulating.

BLACK SPRUCE, VETIVER & PINE  | An aromatic soap with a blend of dark, smokey, and woodsy extracts evokes a sense of being in the wildwoods by a campfire. Lapsang souchong infusion and fresh infused local Pine needles, blended with earthy Vetiver root and Activated charcoal. 

CALENDULA & MANGO BUTTER | A restorative skin-soothing soap made with Calendula extract for its healing and vulnerary qualities. Blended with Mango Butter to offer additional nourishing vitamins and antioxidants. A delicately cleaning soap to soothe dry, vulnerable, and sensitive skin.

EUCALYPTUS, HORSETAIL, & CYPRESS | A blend of fresh, cooling, and mineral-rich extracts to awaken and invigorate the senses, slow-infused medicinal plants for a therapeutic bar for body and hair cleansing This formula is infused with plants entirely local to Vancouver Island.

FRANKINCENSE & BERGAMOT | A therapeutic blend of Frankincense, bright Bergamot, and Sweet Orange used since ancient times. Inspired by Mount Etna in Sicily, one of the world's most active volcanoes, supporting agriculture, vineyards, and orchards.

MUGWORT & CLARY SAGE | A sweet, herbaceous, and floral soap made with lunar rhythms. Includes Mugwort and Clary Sage flowers harvested from the Naturasophia garden. A bewitching blend to cleanse, strengthen lunar divinity, and settle the mind. Mugwort and Clary Sage have been used for centuries to calm the nervous system, reduce irritability, and offer protection.

SCHISANDRA ROSE | An alluring soap blend with fragrant Rose and Schisandra berries to uplift the spirits, open the heart, and tonify the complexion. Made in part with fresh Blackberry juice hand-harvested from the Naturasophia garden. 

SICILIAN ALMOND | A delicate soap reminiscent of Sicilian Almond orchards with the sweet aroma of traditional marzipan. Made with unrefined Shea Nutter, Ota-milk, and Almond oil to leave the skin soft and nourished. 

WILD SEAWEED & MINT | Feel cleansed by the ocean waves, touched by mineral-rich algae, and refreshed by costal mint. An invigorating soap inspired by the mystery of the Ocean. Each bath contains local Seaweed and Vancouver Island salt. 

Base ingredients: Made with botanical butters and extracts. For a detailed list of each individual soap's unique ingredients, please click here

Crafted with therapeutic plants. Free of palm, synthetic ingredients, colours, and preservatives. Naturally Derived. Whole Plant Soap. Always Vegan. Biodegradable. Not tested on animals.

Each bar is consciously wrapped with recycled paper and label card, sealed with natural jute and locally made wax.