• amber glass bottle with black dropper top and white label with 3 wolves dancing. The bottle contains blueberryjams' Dark of Winter Elixir
  • Dark of Winter Elixir | BLUEBERRYJAMS

Dark of Winter Elixir | BLUEBERRYJAMS

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by BlueberryJams

Ingredients: tulsi, rose hip, hibiscus, thyme, plantain, rosemary & hyssop tinctures blended with spruce tip infused honey

Blended for: support during the winter, immunity, heart health, lung support, mild digestive support, and tenderness through struggle

How to use: add to teas, juice, bubbly water, put a dropperful in a bit of water, etc. Note: it is very sweet. Take a bit everyday or a few times throughout the day when feeling a bit under the weather.