EAU DE PARFUM | Individual Perfume Samples

  • $10.00

2ml individual samples of our Eaux de Parfum, potent natural and botanical alcohol-based spray perfumes.

Choose between:

| our boldest and smokiest scent yet with pine tar, burnt wood, and leather on a base of fir balsam resin, spruce resin, bark, and amber. 
Featured notes: wood smoke · charred bark · botanical leather · tree resins · incense

| a sweet, resinous, and green scent, reminiscent of the vibrant, haunting air of a once-still forest slowly awakening.
Featured notes: bergamot · cardamom · piñon pine · cypress · rose de mai · lavender absolute · oakmoss · labdanum · frankincense

| a deep, well-rounded, familiar woody scent with contrasting dry and damp notes to transport you to the heart of ancient, rain-soaked woods.
Featured notes: galbanum · cedar leaf · petrichor · cedarwood · oakwood · oakmoss

| a beguiling spiced floral with a bright clove pink opening and musky, almost powdery dry-down, this is a vintage floral with a carnal twist.
Featured notes: 
pink pepper · yuzu · clove · honeysuckle · carnation · rose · vanilla · botanical musk

| soft, creamy, with cold metallic and resinous nuances and a touch of sweetness — this smooth and heady scent is lunacy in a bottle. 
Featured notes: wormwood · jasmine · copal · botanical musk · sandalwood · opoponax

| an earthy, agrestic, and sophisticated dried rose scent, inspired by the Cimetière du Père Lachaise in Paris and its moss-covered stones and porcelain grave adornments.
Featured notes: porcelain rose · dried hay · immortelle · cepes · oakwood · oakmoss

LA SERPENTINE | an unctuous, animalic chypre fragrance with notes of leather and stone-fruit with verdant undertones.
Featured notes: peach · osmanthus · ginger lily · black tea · honey · patchouli · labdanum · oakmoss

Ingredients: Alcohol (Ethanol, Pure), Natural Fragrance/Parfum (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, Plant Extracts, and Natural Isolates). May contain limonene and/or linalool, naturally occurring constituents in most essential oils.