Flying Ointment | BLUEBERRYJAMS


The Blueberryjams flying ointment was first made for a friend and inspired by the writings & research of poison path herbalist Sarah Anne Lawless.

How to use: Apply a bit of ointment to skin such as wrists, temples, forehead, back of the neck, and/or top of feet. Start with a little but don’t overdo it. Can take some time for effects to take hold so allow for time & space to connect with them. Although mugwort and wormwood are not as dangerous as other ingredients used in flying ointments when misused, they are still meant to be used in measured doses and with breaks.

Ingredients: mugwort & wormwood infused in olive oil, beeswax, + vitamin e.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) — Traditionally used by the Romans as traveller’s protection. Associated with the moon and the ancient Greek goddesses Artemis (Diana) and Hecate. Used in dreamwork (and to promote lucid dreaming), trancework, and more. Ointment can also be used as for womb massage to help stimulate menses and ease cramps.

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) — Also associated with the moon and the goddess Artemis – goddess of the hunt, wild animals, vegetation, and childbirth. As a flying ointment, used for purification, protection, divination. Said to also aid with sexual desire and traditionally used in folk magic for love charms. Ointment can aid in easing rheumatoid pain. Wormwood is a very bitter herb and you may find that when using the ointment, you feel a slight bitter taste in your mouth.

Note: If you are prone to seizures and/or have epilepsy, you may want to abstain using this ointment unless doing so under the care of a practitioner. Similarly, any folks who are pregnant should avoid this ointment.

The information found here is intended for educational purposes. It is not meant to replace advice from your practitioner. When using new herbal products, make sure that the ingredients are not contraindicated with any pre-existing medical condition nor medication that you are already taking. As well, when trying new herbs, start with small doses and  always listen to your body.