• large bundle of dried rosemary wrapped in white string
  • large bundle of dried mugwort wrapped in white string


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  • $9.00
Jumbo-sized burn bundles, approximately 9 1/2 inches in length each.

MUGWORT | Mugwort can be burned as incense to ease one into a deeper meditation, trance, and rest. Ruled by the moon, it can be used in ritual to connect with lunar forces and has historically been thought to ward off sickness and disease as well as promote spiritual connection to the divine feminine and aid with lucid dreaming. When burned, Mugwort has a deeply herbaceous, slightly acrid scent.

ROSEMARY | Rosemary can be used as both a powerful spiritual tool as well as a potent, fragrant incense, and is known for its culinary uses as well as its multitude of devotional ones. Its sharp, herbaceous scent is said to sharpen the mind and aid with focus and the retention of wisdom, and it is this same olfactory quality that has led many cultures and spiritual practices to consider it a powerful cleansing tool which repels sickness, disease, and death.  

Never leave an ignited burn bundle unattended! Keep out of reach of pets, children, and flammable materials, and be mindful of gusts of wind that could spread embers.