LILY OF THE VALLEY | Limited Return Eau de Parfum

Our annual, limited-edition Lily of the Valley fragrance has returned while quantities last. Previously issued as an oil-based fragrance, our fantasy soliflore fragrance has been readapted into a diaphanous veil meant to mimic the sensory embrace of may bells swaying on the warming breeze. A clean, pacifying spring fragrance with a cheerful expression and creamy white floral core, infused with an artisanally-captured Lily of the Valley floral essence and enfleurage for gentility, grace, and energetic support. 

Lily of the Valley, May Bells, Our Mother's Tears — the mere scent of this woodland flower's unmistakeable scalloped bells is said to relieve depression and imbue gentleness, modesty, and a sweet disposition. Soft and comforting, it is a familiar scent for many, one which announces the arrival of Spring and the return of happiness after hardship. More than just a fragrance, this soliflore seeks to provide a sense of security; an olfactory window onto a time and place nested within the secret heart of whoever beholds it. 

Notes: lemon · mimosa · lily of the valley · white floral bouquet · vanilla

Impression: an ambrosial spring floral with notes of cream and sunshine; clean and sophisticated, but with the vibrational pulse of youth and romantic folly; soft flesh and floral musk

Ingredients: Alcohol (Cane, Organic), Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Seed Butter, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Natural Fragrance/Parfum (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, Plant Extracts)

15 ml presented in a black amethyst glass bottle with atomizer spray top.

*This fragrance is comprised of an energetic essence and diluted aromatic extract of seasonal, and responsibly wildcrafted Convallaria Majalis (Lily of the Valley) blossoms from Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal. Variations from previous editions may occur.

While transdermal toxicity in adult humans caused by Convallaria Majalis has not been recorded, patch-testing any new product before regular application is always advised. Avoid internal application or ingestion.



Customer Reviews

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Wonderful on the skin

I love how this smells on the skin! Once it reacts with your skin PH it definitely smells of lily of the valley, though in the bottle it smells almost like roses so I was a bit nervous. 100% in love

So beautiful

I wish it was available all year round it smells so beautiful I’m completely obsessed!