• OPOPANAX | Pure Essential Oil

OPOPANAX | Pure Essential Oil

Opopanax, Commiphora erethraea, is a member of the same family as myrrh and is often called sweet myrrh. It is a small tree that grows in Somalia. It has been a component of incense and perfumes since Biblical times and is likely the myrrh spoken of in the Song of Solomon. In magic, it is associated with the Death card in Tarot, Scorpio, and Mars. Crowley described its scent as “an overpowering richness of the deliciously abominable."

The oil is orange, pale yellow, or olive-yellowish to dark amber-greenish liquid, with an intensely sweet, balsamic, spicy, warm, yet fresh odour, somewhat reminiscent of wine residue.

It is traditionally used in perfumery and occasionally as flavouring in liqueurs for its heavy-sweet body and wine-like notes, spiciness, and naturalness. In magic, it has been used for protection and purification.

It blends well with clary sage, coriander, labdanum, chypre, fougere, leather, bergamot, patchouli, fir needle, neroli, and mimosa.


Type: resinous

Note: base to middle

Characteristics: balsamic, spicy, fresh, warm, sweet

Subsidiary notes and nuances: floral, resinous, woody, olibanum-like, animal-like, wine dregs, bittersweet


Presented in a 5ml black glass bottle with dropper top or a 15ml bottle with euro dropper. 


Pure plant extract / handmade in small batches / 100% authentic botanical essences

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