• 15ml black glass bottle of LVNEA's "Rose Devotion" limited edition eau de parfum, against black satin and surrounded by blush-coloured roses and greenery

ROSE DEVOTION ❦ Limited Edition Eau de Parfum

The Rose mirrors our devotion. For our stewardship, she rewards us with her beauty, her fruit, her spindling thorns and precious wood. Her leaves, tender medicine, her exquisite perfume and the way her presence brightens the room. How she adds to our gestures, acting as mediator, officiant, bedside nurse. Accompanies us in grief and celebration, in longing and loss and lust. In love.

NOTES: honey・cognac・nutmeg・rose otto・tuberose・medjool date・beeswax・labdanum

IMPRESSIONS: amaro・bitter lemon pulp・cottage rose・sweet nectar・floral musk・waxen honeycomb・pollen heavy on sun-warmed meadow air・warm amber base

Ingredients :Alcohol (Cane Sugar, Organic), Natural Fragrance/Parfum* (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, and Plant Extracts)

*In addition to essential oils, absolutes, and a precious Rose Otto extract from Kazanlak, the Valley of Roses, this fragrance contains in-house tinctures of rose, honey, and medjool dates, as well as a homegrown tuberose enfleurage. 

15ml Eau de Parfum presented in a black apothecary glass bottle with an atomizer.


This limited edition offering is made with extra-special artisanal extracts as part of our ROSE DEVOTION Amatory box.