• Silver box of Rose & Sandalwood Rosicrucian incense on black fabric background.
  • Opened box of rose & sandalwood incense, revelaing 12 tightly packed bricks


  • $15.00
This artisanal rose and sandalwood incense blend is made in a small workshop located in the heart of Normandy, in the Château d'Omonville. It is made of Sumatran benzoin, orris powder, myrrh, as well as rose and sandalwood essence. Its fragrance is dense and dreamy, said to fuel inspiration and aid in meditation.

According to the Rosicrucians, a secretive 17th- and 18th-century society devoted to the study of metaphysical, mystical, and alchemical lore, the use of their traditional rose incense blends can aid in meditation, introspection, and spiritual communion. The formula itself is a well-guarded secret, originating from the archives of the A.M.O.R.C (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis).

Each box contains 24 incense bricks which can be burned as-is, or cut in half, on a heat-resistant surface. These incense bricks do not require a coal to be burned, and the smoke should be carefully fanned upon ignition in order to provide a smooth and consistent stream of smoke. 

Each brick burns approximately 20 minutes.