• SPIRIT OF MISRULE Incense Cones ⟡ saffron, pomelo, gold

SPIRIT OF MISRULE Incense Cones ⟡ saffron, pomelo, gold

What’s a celebration without a little mischief? The Feast of Fools, borne of a desire to subvert societal norms and submit to revelry, has existed under many names, but rarely a different guise. By the early Tudor era, Henry the XIIth had revived the time-old tradition by appointing a “Lord of Misrule” during Mid-winter court celebrations, which could last 12 days and 12 nights. Oftentimes of lower societal standing, the Lord of Misrule would preside over feasts, plays, and other festive processions, inciting raucous merriment and unruly behaviour.

In the spirit of misrule, we’ve concocted an extravagant olfactory spread full of contrasting notes and boisterous aromatic profiles for you to enjoy and set aflame. Made with artisanal extracts, essential oils, golden mica, and a heart full of mirth.

pomelo · propolis · cinnamon · frankincense · saffron · labdanum · gold

bright solar energy juxtaposed against dark, decadent labdanum; the waxy, resinous warmth of propolis gilded with pomelo rind; the jovial elegance of sweet saffron  

The Ritual: 
Light the pointed end of a cone with a match or lighter until a small flame ignites. Allow flame to catch, then snuff and place on a heat-resistant surface, allowing for fragrant smoke to fill the room. 

INGREDIENTS: homemade artisanal tinctures of labdanum resin, propolis, pomelo, and saffron, saffron essential oil, frankincense sacra essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, charcoal, ethically-sourced mica

25 naturally-scented black charcoal cones dusted in 24 karat gold mica, presented in a black glass apothecary jar.  Each cone burns approximately 10 minutes. 

This limited edition offering is made with handmade artisanal tinctures and seasonal ingredients as part of our The Feast of Fools Winter Solstice box.