Olfactory Allies and Fragrant Talismans for Capricorn Season

This article was originally posted Dercember 24th 2023 as part of our Olfactory Allies and Fragrant Talismans newsletter series, which highlighted correlations between astrological transits and fragrant plant matter. View the full newsletter here.


The wheel of the year turns and turns. As the Sun bade farewell to the sky on December 21st, the night began its final procession as sovereign of the landscape before its celestial antipode reclaimed the right to the throne. The Sun’s progressive return to its northern apex is a languorous one, but the Solstice served as a reward for our resilience, as well as promise of brighter days to come.

Resilience. There is no coincidence behind the arrivals of Capricorn season and Midwinter’s summit.

A cardinal Earth sign under the dominion of Saturn, this celestial archetype is most often perceived as rigid and cold. Capricorn’s staunch demeanour is influenced by its paternal ruling planet, and serves to fortify our foundations and thrive in spite of the difficult lessons learned throughout our lifetime. It’s in this way that Capricorn exemplifies resilience. not only through rigidity but through their ability to evolve in order to survive.


Sybil Leek ascribes odiferous roots such as Saturnian Vetiver to Capricorn, whose virtues of patience, structure, and determination are mirrored by this traditional ingredients ability to not only fix and flavour some of the worlds most refined, traditional fragrances with its grounding, earthen aroma of woody-nutty dried grass, but in its ecological superpowers, as well! Vetiver is a hardy plant that can support soil metamorphosis and provide structural integrity to vulnerable natural landscapes.

find CHRYSOPOGON ZIZANIOIDES as an anchoring base note in Dagger Moon and Nuit Désert.

P A T C H O U L I 

Ritualistically, Capricorn is often associated with animal-derived musk notes (undoubtedly for their longevity and capacity to attract good favour). While popular for a time, the use of animal musks in contemporary fragrance is a source of contention and generally considered antiquated, spurring the innovative use of botanical musk blends instead. Patchouli is but one component of such accords, and is also frequently used for money-drawing and other enticement work.

POGOSTEMON CABLIN takes center stage in fragrances like La Serpentine and Mourning Ritual.


Myrrh has been linked to intemporal matters of great transcendence throughout human history. With high medicinal, aromatic, and metaphysical value, it was incorporated into ancient burial rites and is still renowned as a powerful spiritual fumigant when working with the departed and the divine. Often associated with Saturn, Myrrh can help set and solidify intentions, practice restraint, or wield control.

Discover COMMIPHORA MYRRHA in our Cocoa Labdanum Myrrh body serum and ritual anointing oil.


Solemn, watchful evergreens like the Cypress genus have been standing erect for centuries, occasionally millennia. Stoic guardians of the land, their watchful gaze never rests, and as their roots continue to grow so too does their complex record of the landscape’s history. Like other conifers, Cypress can help provide grounding and teaches us the importance of fortitude, resilience, and the value of ancient wisdom in a changing world.
CUPRESSUS SP is a prominent note in Forêt Dormante.

C O S T U S   R O O T

Costus is an odiferous root harvested for use in Ayurvedic preparations as well as for perfumes and anointing oils. It has a deep, animalic aroma often associated with canine musk, dust, hide, and wet hair, with a characteristically aged ‘funk’ often found in cured herbs and antique woods. Metaphysically, Costus is ruled by Earth and Saturn. Like Myrrh, it has powerful fixative qualities and bolsters Saturnian works where a steadfast will is required.

DOLOMIAEA COSTUS has been featured in past LVNEA products like Lune Froide, Le Loup Blanc, and Foxfire.

And thus concludes not only the calendar year, but our monthly series on astro-perfumery. Thank you, sincerely, for taking this time with us every month; we hope to have help grown your repertoire of fragrant plant spirits and the ways in which we can commune with them and their ruling archetypes during celestial transits and every-day challenges + victories.

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